It's March 4; Good Morning Union

“I ask that we love one another.”             2 John 5

A short little book with a big message- “Love one another.” And true to His word and my theology of Scripture, if it’s important to God, it’s clear in His word”- the next words say, “And THIS is love…”

“… that we walk in obedience to His commands.” And what are “His commands?” It’s actually singular (I checked in the Greek! J) “His command is that you walk in love.” That’s all; the rest are just details about what that might look like and how that might play out in life, but if it’s not all about walking, or living out of a heart of love then I have something confused. Love motivates me to place no other god (or things) in my life above the real God; love keeps me from replacing God with anything else; love helps me respect and honor the name and reputation of God; love causes me to stop every 7 days and intentionally and without worldly distractions focus on Him; love controls the way I respond to those around me. That’s all He asks- that I recognize love, not as a perverted passion but as a conscious decision to live like and for Him.

Have a great day loving and walking,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “Partial obedience is still disobedience.”

PS           Chapel this week will be presented by Pastor Michael Polite, recent grad of UC and a powerful preacher. Don’t miss this one! 10:30 in the church. Check out the attachment!

PPS        “At the Core” Bible study each Tuesday night @ 7 in the Prescott Hall Prayer Room.

PPPS      “Christ on Demand” Tuesday evenings @ 8:30 in the Lang Lobby (above the Ortner Center.)

PPPPS   Check out for a new and exciting worship option, “The Bible and the Koran.” 7pm each Tuesday evening in the Bollinger Room above Ortner.