It's May 7; Good Morning Union (for the last time this school year!)

“The revelation—OF JESUS CHRIST.”       Revelation 1:1

Perfect timing- last book of the Bible; last day of school, and last GMU for another year!! Did you know that my text for today is the first verse of the last book of the Bible? It’s not just the book of Revelation, it’s the book of the “Revelation of Jesus Christ!”

Michael Card wrote a book (and produced an album) called “The Unveiling” after being challenged to sit down and just read the book of Revelation straight through with the express purpose of ONLY looking for how it reveals Jesus. After all, that’s what John says is its purpose.

I’m not against all the really amazing things that come when I look at this final book of the Bible from our traditional historical  or prophetic perspective, but what happens when I take a fresh look at it from only a Jesus perspective? It’s quite a journey that maybe you might have time for during the summer (just what you needed- a homework assignment during vacation!)

I highly recommend it! The “Revelation of Jesus” magnifies all the other great things in this book and keeps all of it in perspective for me. It’s all about Jesus. It even ends with “Come Lord Jesus. The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people, Amen.” That’s apparently what John wanted as he sat on the island of Patmos writing the end of the story- that I find Jesus, that Jesus comes, and that the grace and goodness of Jesus fills all of us with hope. It’s a great book; it’s a great story; it’s a great Jesus!

Have a great day, and a great summer with Jesus,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day: “God wants full custody of His children, not just weekend visits.”

PS           Last GMU until August 25, God willing! Be sure and be back for it!! (and for the other great things we have in store for you!!) J