It's November 21; Good Morning Union

“So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in Him.”         Colossians 2:6

And, how do I do that? If it’s important to God, it’s clear in His word! It must be important because here’s what Paul says:

  1. “rooted and built up IN HIM”
  2. “strengthened in faith as you were taught”
  3. “overflowing with thankfulness”
  4. “and don’t let anyone take you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophies.”

Four “conditions” to continuing to “live in Him… just as you received Him.” If I want to stay connected to Jesus--

  1. I need to be sure I am rooted in Him, meaning to me that I must intentionally make choices that ground me in what He says is best, rooted deeply in His ways so nothing can dislodge me.
  2. I need to practice trusting Him rather than myself or the things of this world that suggest that if I make them my anchor point I will come through stronger than with Jesus.
  3. I need to have an attitude of thankfulness, not only to God but to those in my life who help me in the discipline of #s 1 and 2.
  4. I need to be careful that I am not deceived by philosophies in life that are contrary to God.

#4 must be a very significant part of the process because Paul took the time to describe what he meant by “hollow and deceptive philosophies”:

  • “they depend on human traditions”
  • “they focus on the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ”

So if I want to “continue” in Christ (and I do!) then I am equipped now with some helpful tools to accomplish that goal. I need to take time to continue planting myself in Him through His word (that’s called devotions), practice consciously trusting God rather than myself (that’s called attentiveness), having a thankful heart (that’s called gratefulness) , and being conscious of who and what I listen to so that I’m lead to depend on anything or anyone other than Jesus (that’s called wisdom!)

So have a great day continuing in Jesus,

Pastor Rich