November 11, 2013

“… asking God to fill you with the knowledge of His will.”  Colossians 1:9
This weekend I read about how Paul prayed for the believers in the city of Colossi, now a mound of dirt (where I picked up some broken pieces of pottery) but once a city in western Turkey not far from Laodicea. I first saw Paul’s faithfulness in prayer, “since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you….” It apparently was not an act but an attitude of prayer that existed in Paul.
Next I saw that he prayed for “the knowledge of God’s will.” He apparently understood the importance of knowing the difference between seeking God’s will versus his own. This comes through “spiritual wisdom and understanding,” not just his own abilities or brilliance. It’s a God-thing that Paul wants me to have and he prays this “in order that:

  1. I may live a live worthy of the Lord
  2. I may please Him in every way
  3. I may bear fruit in every good activity
  4. I may grow in the knowledge of God
  5. I may be strengthened with all power according to HIS glorious might, SO THAT:
    1. I may have great endurance
    2. I may have patience
    3. I may joyfully give thanks to the Father.”

All that because Paul prays that I understand God’s will! Which reminded me of a card stuck in my Bible from a while back when I asked myself, “So, what IS ‘God’s will?’ NOT my opinion but limited ONLY to what God’s word says!” It’s an interesting word study, made much easier now with electronic Bibles with search capabilities!! Here’s some of what I found that might whet your appetite!
It is God’s will:

  1. That we be sanctified
  2. That we avoid sexual immorality
  3. That we control our bodies
  4. To sometimes have to suffer for believing in Him
  5. To rejoice, and pray, and give thanks
  6. To obey Him
  7. To do good (and thereby silence fools!)
  8. To live forever with Him
  9. To stand firm in His Word
  10. To be saved by coming to a knowledge of Him

OK, that’s enough! And now I’ll make a bold statement that might spark some discussion—I’m NOT sure God has a will regarding what job I take, where I live, who I marry, or what I wear! Because ALL the 10 things listed above could be accomplished or experienced no matter what my job, location, partner, or wardrobe, I think I waste a lot of spiritual energy trying to make “God’s will” out of too many things. He is MOSTLY concerned, I find, in me-and Him-and eternal life. Everything else is just detail! I’ve probably said too much!
Have a great day praying to understand God’s will because SO MUCH more is available when we do,
Pastor Rich
PS Mid America Union Youth Directors would like to meet with ANYONE interested in working at summer camp- anywhere! They want to help you understand what decisions you should be making NOW so you can be ready- (like taking WSI next semester so you can work waterfront next summer!) They will be in the Shawnee Porter Room, upstairs in Ortner @ 6pm and repeating again at 8pm to try and accommodate everyone’s schedules!
PPS “Real Talk” with Tobias Watson and friends. Join them @ 8pm in the Rees Hall rec room for an hour of open talk about real issues facing young adults today. Guys have to check in at the front desk and be escorted down!
Quote for the day:

We do three kinds of jobs here: good, fast, and cheap.
You may choose any two.
If it is good and cheap
It will not be fast.
If it is good and fast,
It will not be cheap.
If it is fast and cheap,
It will not be good

Take your pick!