November 14, 2013

“My God has sent His angels and He shut the lions’ mouths so they have not hurt me.” Daniel 6:22
Straight from the Kindergarten Sabbath School memory verse or from “My Bible Friends.” Or how about the children’s song with these lyrics?! It’s a great story; it’s a great song; it’s a great memory verse; but this morning it was an even greater reminder of HOW it all happened, because it can happen for me as well!
The next word in the verse is “BECAUSE!” Then Daniel gives two reasons why God “shut the lions’ mouths:”

  1. “Because I was found innocent in His sight, and
  2. Because I have not done anything wrong before our king.”

Apparently Daniel’s life choices created a situation where he was living a life in harmony with God’s will, AND living a live that was in harmony with the king’s will! Pleasing God and the king! The famous verse describing Jesus’ childhood includes the idea that He “grew in wisdom and stature AND in favor with God AND man.”
There must be something to following God’s leading and direction for my life AND responding appropriately to the authority over me, be it king or president, teacher or boss. If it worked for Daniel I wonder if it will still work today. Responding to those in authority over us might just create the environment where God can still “shut lions’ mouths” so they won’t hurt me.
1 Peter 5:8 says, “The devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” I wonder if I can limit the “power” of THAT prowling lion by responding to life in the way Daniel defeated his lion, in such a way that God finds me innocent, and my boss, teacher, or president finds nothing offensive with me?
Have a great day discovering how to defeat your “lion,”
Pastor Rich
Union Power Prayers- Philippines- How about an offering Friday night to send with some people I know (and you soon will too!) who are going to help with the disaster? What if we each gave up one visit to Starbucks or the donut shop (or whatever your little “extra” in life might be) and give that money to the needs of this disaster as a response to our Union Power Prayer this week?
PS ITAG- 10:30-10:45 in the Atrium lobby. Come spend 15 minutes with us in prayer and encouragement!
PPS 9 O’Clock- a 30 minute time of singing and praising God through His word in the Engel Hall Recital Room. Our apologies for missing last week. We ARE on for this week so join us in this quiet time of praise and fellowship.
Quote for the day: “Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” -Brodi Ashton