Good Morning Union

It's February 16; Good Morning Union

From a dear friend and faithful off-campus GMU reader, I want to share her response to yesterday’s GMU about judging. It’s such a huge subject that I know I didn’t cover the whole topic. I really liked this journey with the word so here it is for today’s GMU


It's February 15; Good Morning Union

“Don’t judge; it might just come back to haunt you.”       Matthew 7:1

Easy to say; hard to do. I watch what I believe is a continual misuse of this text as people attempt to defend their behavior. I don’t think it is “judging,” as I see the meaning of this verse, if I tell someone it’s wrong to kill their neighbor. It’s judging if I draw conclusions about WHY that person might kill their neighbor and then act on my assumption in how I treat and respond to that person.

It's February 14; Good Morning Union

“Seek FIRST His kingdom and His righteousness…”            Matthew 6:33

It's February 13, 2017; Good Morning Union

“Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.”      Matthew 6: 19,20


It's February 8; Good Morning Union

“Be careful that your acts of righteousness are done to be seen by God and not by men.”            Matthew 6:1

It appears to be so much about motive! Jesus give three illustrations as He explains the importance of DOING, but doing for the right reason.

It's February 3; Good Morning Union

Well, I intended to send this from the Paris airport but didn’t have time  between flights!! So here I am in Beirut, Sabbath has already begun at Middle East University and I’m on my way to vespers. I preach here tomorrow then off to see our SM Seth and a few Biblical sites around here.

And now for the first time—Good AFTERNOON Union!!


“Go the second mile.”   Matthew 5:38-42


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