Good Morning Union

It's January 28; Good Morning Union

“’For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord….”  Jeremiah 29:11-13

It's January 27; Good Morning Union

“Let him who boasts, boast about this…”              Jeremiah 9: 23-24

I have Biblical “permission” to boast!! As long as I know what to boast about. First of all, what not to boast about:

1.       If I’m wise I should NOT boast about that

2.       If I’m strong I should NOT boast about that

3.       If I’m rich I should NOT boast about that

It's January 26; Good Morning Union

“Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path.”             Psalm 119:105

It's January 23; Good Morning Union

“When the Spirit of truth comes He will guide you into all truth.”               John 16:13

In my quest for truth, (so I can be free! J) the Guidebook that I have chosen to believe is true, promises that I will be guided into ALL TRUTH by God’s Spirit. So I now know that truth gives me freedom, truth is found in Jesus, and truth will be understood- fully- by the Spirit. And all that truth is very freeing me!! I have to believe something, why not that?!

It's January 22; Good Morning Union

First of all I need to apologize to anyone whom I have offended over the last two days. I have received responses to recent GMUs suggesting that I thought what happened to Heather was apparently “God’s will.” There is nothing farther from the truth in my life and my theology. My God is NOT the author of evil, sin, or anything else bad in this world, whether it happens to me or to anyone else. I believe that God works with the evil that we cause and the “junk” that happens in this world.

It's January 21; Good Morning Union

“Always be prepared…”                1 Peter 3: 15-16

This is a pretty cool text I found in a book I was reading over break. I like the way I can break it down into “steps” as sort of an outline of our Christian responsibility to God’s calling. Here’s the whole text:

It's January 20; Good Morning Union

“No good thing does the Lord withhold from those who walk uprightly.”               Psalm 84:11

It's January 19; Good Morning Union

“He has shown you O man what is good.”             Micah 6:8

Enjoy the day off classes, but PLEASE don’t forget Heather. There were several VERY encouraging signs for her over the weekend. The next few days are going to be most critical so I encourage you to keep praying. Check out the Union College web site for details.

It's January 16; Good Morning Union

First of all, thank you to all who were able to join us yesterday morning for our time of prayer for Heather, and for ALL the friends of Union College who have been praying literally all over the world for us and Heather. Your demonstration of unity and support just add to the mountains of evidence that I have that Union really IS a family and God’s Spirit IS what Union is all about. Last night literally while our Gymnaires were praying together at coach Klein’s house medical personnel tested Heather’s progress by momentarily bringing her out of her induced coma.

It's January 15; Good Morning Union

“I know whom I have believe and am persuaded that He is able to keep whatever I commit to Him.”       2 Timothy 1:12


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