Grad. Student Life Agreement

Graduate Student Life Agreement


I. Graduate Student Life Philosophy:

Based on its Biblical faith and traditions of health and lifestyle, Union College is deeply committed to belief in living a life informed by Scripture and inspired by Jesus Christ. These perspectives are central to the College’s philosophy of Graduate Student Life. The College seeks to provide an environment that is not only Christ-centered, but that encourages self-discovery and development in community with other learners. Graduate students at Union College are expected to display greater maturity and focus than traditional undergraduates, and therefore to be more self-directed as they prepare for professional careers. While graduate student life policies are designed to address the needs and circumstances of the graduate community, all students are expected to respect the values of Union’s Seventh-day Adventist heritage.


II. Graduate Student Life Agreement:

Union College is an independent, Christian college operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  It is dedicated to high ethical and moral values in keeping with Christian principles.  Graduate students seeking an education in Union’s environment have a responsibility to help preserve the essential qualities which make the college distinctive.


The college desires that students gain experience in making personal decisions based on Seventh-day Adventist principles of Christian living.  By choosing to enroll at Union College, you are expressing a willingness to make decisions which are guided by the following principles:


  1. To practice honesty in all aspects of life. 
  2. To respect the property, personal dignity, time, and right to privacy of others.
  3. To value and pursue a healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate rest.  The use of illegal drugs or the misuse of prescription drugs is not acceptable.  Alcohol and tobacco use is not allowed on campus or at Union College events.
  4. To maintain a lifestyle of moral purity; which includes the avoidance of pornography and cohabitation before marriage.
  5. To seek a growing relationship with God and to recognize that the college views the Bible as life’s ultimate guidebook.
  6. To dress modestly and tastefully.
  7. To treat others with graciousness and demonstrate an appreciation for diversity.
  8. To maintain high standards of taste and decency in conduct, expression, and citizenship.

To be a positive influence on other graduate students as they fulfill their student life agreement.  


III. Student Employment Policy:

Due to the rigorous nature of our curriculum, students are advised not to work while enrolled in the PA Program.