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Photo of an education major teaching at George Stone School.

Why choose Union for human development?

Union College offers hands on training and gives students opportunities to get practical experience in classrooms, social work fields and psychology fields. 

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Picture of Elizabeth Gustafson   Elizabeth Gustafson

Picture of Kelli Vigil

Kelli Vigil

Picture of Yvionne Joseph

Yvionne Joseph

"I chose Union College's Education program because it provides many opportunities and learning experiences right at the beginning of the program."                    

"I knew Union's program was very strong because a Nebraska teaching license is very difficult to achieve and worth the work in the long run as it is very credible and recognizable from state to state."


"I decided to figure my life out my senior year of high school. The top two things [I could picture doing for the rest of my life] were sleeping and teaching. I can’t be a professional sleeper my whole life, and even then I don’t think I would be as great a sleeper as I am a teacher."


Picture of Ebba Mead

Ebba Mead

"Psychology is not always about who did what and how. Psychology for me has been a way of learning to listen; learning how to help people in different areas of life. Even now as a student, I have the opportunity to use what I'm learning on a daily basis in my job." 

Social Work

Picture of Shawna Ansari

Shawna Ansari

"I knew I wanted to live a life of service, and with small personal class sizes, and a Christian base in Social work from Union; I knew that was going to give me the tools to live that dream effectively."


The Division of Human Development is comprised of three academic programs, educationpsychology and social work. In addition, George Stone Elementary School is part of Union's Education Program. For more information about George Stone Elementary School, please visit their website.  

We strive to help each student develop to their greatest capacity in the mental, physical, spiritual and social aspects of their lives. We want students to become competent Christian professionals who benefit society today and take up residency on the streets of gold in the future.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us