Human Development Faculty and Staff

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Office Location:  Dick Building, Room 403

Office Phone:  402.486.2522

Fax: 402.486.2574

Office Email: humandev [at] ucollege [dot] edu

Division of Human Development (402.486.2522)

Name Title Locationsort descending Extension Email
Kathy Bollinger  Picture of Kathy Bolinger Associate Professor of Education Dick Building 403-F 2317
Shawna Herwick Picture of Shawna Herwick Social Work Program Director Dick Building 406-D 2174
Denise White Photo of Denise White Chair of the Division of Human Development, Education Director and Head of the Education Certification Office, George Stone Elementary School Principal Dick Building 403-A 2311
Jeannie McCarter Adjunct Instructor of Psychology Dick Building 403 2522
Lisa Turk Photo of Lisa Turk Human Development Office Manager Dick Building 403 2522
Trudy Holmes-Caines Picture of Dr. Trudy Holmes-Caines Professor of Psychology Dick Building 403-D 2312
Melanie Gabbert Picture of Melanie Gabbert Assistant Professor of Psychology Dick Building 406-A 2377
Jody Detwieler Picture of Jody Detwieler Human Development Field Director, Assistant Professor Dick Building 406-C 2314
Jenienne Kriegelstein Picture of Jeanie Kriegelstein Assistant Professor - Div of Human Development George Stone School 402.486.2896