Proposal to Conduct a Pilot Project

Faculty members are encouraged to experiment with new tools and methods. In order to establish a body of expertise on campus and to ensure that the required technology will run smoothly during the pilot program, we ask that all faculty members wishing to conduct a pilot project request permisson using the form below. Submitted forms go to the Faculty Instructional Technology Committee (FITS) for approval. If the project will require assistance from Information Services, approval will also be needed from this department. Faculty members should work with the instructional technologist to determine needs. Following this protocol will enable FITS to foster the sharing of creative ideas and teaching methods between the various academic programs on campus. It will also ensure that experimental projects do not interfere with the function of existing technology nor place unnecessary burden on students.

Indicate the name of the academic program for which the pilot project is being conducted.
In this section list the existing hardware, software, and any other resources your project will utilize. If the new tools connect with existing resources in any way, please describe.
In this section describe new software, hardware, or other resources required to conduct the pilot project. Also include any special computer system specifications. You may ask the instructional technologist to assist you with determining specifications.
List faculty collaborators as well as classes involved, including how many students are expected to participate.
If you plan to seek external funding, see the Employee Forms section of the college website for the form called "Proposal to Solicit Charitable Gifts and Grants."
Check all methods which you would be willing to use.