Union College created the Center for Interfaith Studies and Culture (CISC) with the following mission, goals and objectives:


To build understanding between Christians and people of other faiths through learning, dialogue and service.


  • Educate Union College and its constituents to serve people of different faiths in an ethical and informed manner.
  • Foster goodwill between Union College and local faith communities
  • Recruit students of other faiths locally and internationally to attend Union
  • Enhance a positive atmosphere on campus for students of other faiths


  • Develop seminars, continuing education and training materials for presentation in the community and churches on topics of interfaith relations
  • Facilitate experiences for Union College students with people of other faiths and culture
  • Assist in recruiting students of other faiths to attend Union College
  • Coordinate events and clubs for students of other faiths who attend Union College
  • Develop a curriculum leading to a minor in Islamic Studies