Experience the Great War: Library Fair September 18, 2014

The annual library fair will commemorate the start of World War I this year. For those of you new to Union College and unfamiliar with the annual library fair tradition, this is an open house event to which students, faculty, staff, and friends are invited to visit the library, enjoy food, experience learning activities, and perhaps win prizes while learning more about the library. This fall's fair will take place on September 18, 2014 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Group of people standing in a warehouse room with open shipping crates.
Packing for Christmas Ship, 1914

Here's what to expect:

If you can, come in costume. We'll have a photographer on hand to take your picture and prizes will be given for the best costumes.

Whether or not you come in costume, when you enter the library you'll be assigned a role by the College View Draft Board and given an object which represents that role: soldier, voluntary aid, suffragette, conscientious objector, or civilian family member.

Visit the Heritage Room and gallery areas to learn about propaganda during the Great War and dissident social groups of the era.

Downstairs view 1910-1920 kitchen gadgets while sampling our refreshments.

Full length portrait of a female United States army nurse from World War 1.
An Army nurse wears the Caduceus, the winged staff and serpent of the Medical Corps, with the "U.S." on her outdoor uniform, 1914. If she is a nurse who has entered the Army Nurse Corps from the Red Cross reserve for that Corps, she is permitted to retain the Red Cross on her service cap.

Tour the "battle front" and then experience a few first aid treatments at the medical station.

Spend a few minutes in our "theater" (i.e. the library classroom) viewing documentary films about the Great War era.

And finally, stop by the "post office" to write a letter to an unknown soldier.

When you've completed your participation, stop by the Circulation Desk on your way out to be entered in the grand prize drawing.

The library fair is the first in a series of programs this year which will introduce students to many aspects of history and culture impacted by the Great War. Visit The Great War webpage to learn more about upcoming programs.

Image of the Pinterest icon.See the Great War Pinterest Board for library resources about World War I. Check back throughout the year to see new items.

Note: Photographs used on this page are from the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Catalog.