Project Request

Sample: 7-3425-98564
Select which type of work will be needed first. For example, a brochure will need writing and design, but starts with writing first. This directs the project request to the appropriate person to get started.
Project Details
If you have a draft of proposal for how the document should look, upload it here. Most image, document and archive formats are accepted.
Alternately, send any of the following through inter-campus mail to Marketing Communications
  • A sample of what you would like your project to look like
  • A sample of how the project was previously done
  • If your project is an update or reprint, please indicate changes to be made
  • An outline of the content or a copy of the information to be written into the request

We will notify you when this project request has been reviewed This form will help you specify your needs and help us complete your project. While Marketing Communications will try its best to accommodate all projects as soon as possible, there may be times when other circumstances keep us from meeting your requested deadline. In such cases, you will be notified of the scheduling change. We also encourage you to contact us if you have not heard from us as a deadline approaches. Thank you for using this form.