Classes have begun

Lincoln—The stairwells of the Everett Dick Building once again reverberate with the sounds of reunions and students making new acquaintances. More stations are open in Union Market and the lines are a bit longer. Across campus, lost-looking new students get pointed in the right directions. The energy brought by the return of students can be felt everywhere on campus.

At Union College, school is back in session.

Besides starting classes, the day's events included an academic convocation with a spiritual twist. Tanya Cochran, assistant professor of English, delivered a message encouraging students to approach life with questions rather than preconceived answers and to cultivate an attitude of wonderment. Cochran shared her own testimony as well as specific ways students could apply her message. Read an excerpt of her address here (PDF).

Registration will continue until Aug. 25th. The number of students enrolled cannot be determined until that time; however, preliminary estimates show an increase over last year.