Professor Blake facilitates religion and politics forum

The Lincoln Community Forum invites the community to attend a discussion on Church and State addressing the question, "How can religion and politics work together?" This forum will take place Tuesday, Oct. 3 at St. Mark's on the Campus Episcopal Church located on 1309 R Street. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the event will start at 7 p.m. Chris Blake, Union College professor of English and communication and author of Searching for a God to Love, will be the moderator and facilitator of this event.

Blake has a special passion for this topic: "Anytime I hear religious beliefs infused with life, I find it attractive," Blake said. "Many people are concerned about the abuse of religion and politics. Others are concerned about the misuse of politics in religion."

The Church and State forum will open a discussion about the role religion plays in today's politics. The goal of the forum is to foster discussion, educate people about the perspectives, and build community among all of the participants. The audience will be invited to participate in open discussions on this topic.

This event is hosted by the Lincoln Community Forum in partnership with St. Mark's on the Campus Episcopal Church, the Lincoln Interfaith Council, the Lincoln Secular Humanists and Union College.