Spring semester starts strong; nineteen students graduate in December

Dr. Trudy Holmes-Caines advises psychologymajor Nelly Melendez during registration

The quiet stillness of a snow-blanketed campus burst to life as 954 new and returning students began spring semester at Union College on Jan. 9, 2007. This is a decrease from 982 during the fall semester.

"It's not uncommon for enrollment headcount to drop slightly between fall and spring semesters," said Rob Weaver, vice president for Enrollment and Student Financial Services. "The spring headcount of 954 students is an excellent enrollment for Union, and exceeds spring headcounts for the last 23 years."

Though headcount is important, the key indicator of Union's financial stability is full time equivalence (FTE). With an FTE of 886.1 students, the college remained well above the budgeted FTE of 875, leaving a comfortable surplus for investment in the future. Not since 1982 has a spring semester begun with this high an FTE.

"The college continues to be blessed with high enrollment," said Weaver. "We are praising God for the opportunities each student presents."

Nineteen students finished their degree program in December and joined the ranks of Union alumni. They are invited to march in the commencement ceremony on May 13, 2007.