Students shadow professionals in third annual Division Field Day

Junior and Senior business and computer students from Union College will visit a number of companies across Lincoln for the third Division Field Day, Feb. 21. About 70 students will spend four hours around the city shadowing professionals in their respective fields.

The field day will showcase the professional lives of employees at about 20 sites across Lincoln, including Thompson Realty, the minnow PROJECT, the City of Lincoln, Douglas Theatres, and Talent+. The sites chosen emphasize an area the students are studying, including computers, finance, marketing, accounting and management.

"Last year I went to the Nebraska Heart Hospital and shadowed the network manger. He showed me their facilities, and shared some of his work experiences," said Thang Nguyen, a senior computer information systems major. "I'm glad that the division is doing it again."

The project is completely student led, with officers of the Business and Computer Club taking on the responsibility. They have spent more than a month working with companies to secure locations for students to visit.

"I was amazed at how many businesses wanted to help," said senior Andrew Whitlock, president of the Business and Computer Club. "Many of them were even more excited when they heard it was Union College."

"This is another great example of what student leadership can accomplish," said Barry Forbes, associate professor of business.

Additional information about the Division of Business and Computer Science can be found online at, or by calling 402.486.2521.