Blake releases new book

Chris Blake, Union College English and communications professor, spent a semester on sabbatical last year to write. Pacific Press released his newest book in February, Swimming Against the Current: Living for the God You Love. It is a sequel to his book Searching for a God to Love, which has been translated into four languages.

Swimming Against the Current is made up of many short chapters divided into three sections based on Micah 6: "Do Justly," "Love Mercy" and "Walk Humbly With Your God." Blake uses stories, poems, questions, observations and humor to prompt readers to continue falling in love with God and His creation. "The tone may be a squawking goose, an orchid blooming in the desert, green air dancing around a tornado or a mug of hot chocolate on a shivering afternoon," Blake says of the book.

Nathan Brown, author of Revelation and editor of Signs of the Times and Record in the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, says, "Chris Blake writes with thought, humor, warmth and passion. In Swimming Against the Current, he describes a kind of life, a kind of faith and a kind of church that cares, that matters and that can make a difference in the world and that I want to be a part of."

Blake is excited about Swimming's potential to "generate fresh ideas, nurture new leaders and awaken godly activism." He writes in the book's preface, "All of life is a struggle to get to the source, the breeding ground for everything that is real and hopeful and creative and deep. The God source."

The author greeted students, faculty, alumni and friends at book signings at Union in April. Blake is already at work on his next book, but is keeping the subject matter a secret. "I don't want J. K. Rowling getting hold of the idea," he jokes. Copies of both Searching for a God to Love and Swimming Against the Current are available at the Union College bookstore, Adventist Book Centers nationwide or online at

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