Union College hosts international educators

Union College students Cori Piel and Matt Evens speak with administrators from other countries at the Phi Delta Kappa dinner.

Nearly 110 college education students from the Lincoln area gathered at Union College Wednesday, Oct. 8 to learn about different countries' teaching styles.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Phi Delta Kappa Chapter 15, an international professional organization for educators, met in Woods Auditorium for dinner and a panel discussion with 20 administrators and teachers from various countries. The delegates represented Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, India, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

Elementary and secondary elementary education majors from Concordia-Omaha University, Nebraska Wesleyan University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Union College attended the event. Joseph Allison, chair education professor of the Division of Human Development at Union College acknowledged the significance of Nebraska education students learning together.

"The Phi Delta Kappa meeting at Union is great evidence of the collaboration with four area colleges and an international professional education group," Allison said. Jessi Whitson, a junior elementary education major at Union, won a free year membership in Phi Delta Kappa in a drawing. "I really enjoyed meeting teachers from other countries and backgrounds," Whitson said. "They were so excited to share about their countries and education systems and I was so excited to learn."

Allison said that the education department is considering ways to incorporate the meeting's highlights into their Education Club.