Union College employees surpass United Way goal

In 1891 United Way, then called Charity Organizations Society, began changing lives in local communities. According to the United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County, Union’s employee contributions are a crucial part of helping keep that dream alive 118 years later as part of the Leadership Giving program.  

Union College employees participated in the 2008 United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County, Community Health Charities and Community Services Fund Lincoln-wide campaign with noteworthy results. Stephanie Meyer, scholarship and events director, reported that $7,958.12 was raised from 65 employees. This total surpasses the college’s goal of $7,500.

“What’s amazing to me is how even though the economy is bad, people gave more than they have in years,” Meyer said. For example, in 2001 62 employees donated $4,691. “In more than 15 years I’ve been coordinating Union’s participation, this year brought the highest amount of money Union employees have donated for United Way, Community Health Charities and the Community Services Fund.”

Starlet Borecky, local resource development manager of United Way, emphasized that Union’s gifts really do matter. “You have played a part in giving the gift of shelter to a homeless family. You have given medical assistance to the elderly woman who has Alzheimer’s and to the child, whose parents are improvised, you have given hope for a future and the dreams of becoming someone who can make a difference, just like you have.”