King Tut visited by Scholars

Besides being both informative and enlightening, the trip to Dallas included much joy and laughter.  I deeply appreciated the opportunity to learn more about such an ancient culture while relaxing in the tranquil atmosphere of the SWAU campus.  This Scholars trip was truly a joy. ~ Serena Stevens – Psychology

The Union Scholars’ trip to Dallas is pretty much the best thing I can think of. It was enjoyable, educational, relaxing, and all around a great opportunity. I especially like the fact that we were able to meet and spend time with the honors students from SWAU. It adds a sense of camaraderie between our school and theirs. ~ Steven Shafer – Psychology

I am so delighted Union Scholars provided us with such an exciting winter break experience. The brief hiatus from the half-foot or so of snow in Lincoln made the trip truly feel like a break from winter altogether. Aside from the weather, the opportunity to visit SWAU is not one I will soon forget. The campus was wonderful and the people were even better. I think it’s important that we get to know our fellow Adventist college students and Union scholars provided that opportunity. Oh, and King Tut, or “Mr. Tutters” as I like to call him, was pretty cool too.  ~ Derek Williams – Pre-med

The Union Scholars trip to Dallas was a good opportunity to learn of the ancient world, as we examined artifacts from the era of Tutankhamun and also looked at some dinosaur bones.  More than that, the trip was an opportunity to see some new places and some new faces. ~ Joe Okimi – English Education/Computer Information Systems/Religion

I was thrilled to attend the Union Scholars trip to Dallas, TX. It was a fun, educational, and enriching experience.  I especially enjoyed journeying through the King Tut exhibit and visiting Southwestern Adventist University. I appreciate these incredible traveling opportunities that Union College's Honors program offers. ~Cori Piel – Elementary Education