'Genuinely Genus' senior exhibit revolves around nature

Though art is secondary to Sanna Reeve's Spanish and international studies major, when you walk into her senior exhibit in the McClelland Art Gallery, her work will convince you otherwise.

Titled “Genuinely Genus,” Reeve’s art focuses on nature and animals, though there are pieces that include people and objects.

“People fascinate me, especially how they interact with one another,” Reeve says in her artist statement. “I am also passionate about culture and diversity. When I get an overload of people, nature is one of my outlets. Horses in particular are one of my favorite of God’s creations. I love to create likenesses to God’s original creation. Not only does art make me feel closer to God as a fellow creator, but also in studying the nature of His creations.

“Growing up, one of the many things I admired was my grandfather’s ability to reproduce a likeness of the nature around him. His use of paper or canvass fascinated me. His pieces of artwork have inspired many in my family to look at the world around them as more than objects, but rather beautiful shapes, colors and shadows.”

And among other family and teachers she thanked, she want to "dedicate this show to my grandfather, Arthur Hill, as well as to my Father in heaven, the creator of all."