Health Education Solutions partners with Union

Health Education Solutions (HES), an internet-based certification and recertification avenue for Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) training, has announced a partnership with Union College to offer online certification courses. Union’s healthcare faculty is responsible for the curriculum, and HES administers the courses online.

“With the convenience of online training and self-paced study, today’s healthcare professionals can prepare for their initial and recertification exams with confidence, and in most cases can actually complete the certification process entirely online,” said David King, president of Health Education Solutions. “Union College’s proven success with medical-related education in nursing, physician assistant studies and pre-med placement made the campus a great partner for developing the online training curriculum.” 

The interactive courses were designed in accordance with American Heart Association guidelines. The curriculum writers are Dwain Leonhardt, MD, medical director and professor of physician assistant studies; Cliff Korf, MPAS, PA-C, director of outreach for the physician assistant program; Julie Escobar, PA-C; Mike Duerhssen, MD, former medical director for theinternational rescue and relief program; and Mike Huckabee, PhD, PA-C, program director of the physician assistant program.

Huckabee said that the faculty wrote the curriculum to be challenging and meticulous, more than ACLS and PALS courses have traditionally been. “This was intentional in establishing a high standard of quality for the program, and hopefully raises the integrity of the credential provided to thosewho pass the course,” Huckabee said.

“The ACLS and PALS courses compliment the instruction we provide our PA students, and our faculty represent years of experience in a mix of cardiology and emergency medicine that allow our teaching to be both academically and experientially sound,” Huckabee said. He reported that since the release of the ACLS and PALS programs, the response has been“overwhelmingly favorable.”

“HES is in a position to become a leader in web-based health education programs,” Huckabee said. “Our association with them will give broader recognition to the medical education offered at Union College.”