Winter 2006/07 Issue of CORDmagazine

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In this issue ...


  • In Search of Service (by Justin Okimi, assistant chaplain, Union College Campus Ministries, 4-5)


  • Dr. Smith goes to Boston (by Jacque Smith, 6)
  • Union celebrates completion of new student housing (by Nichole Scott, 6-7)
  • Union PA students participate in first master's commitment and white coat ceremony (by Nichole Scott, 8)
  • Library receives new signage (by Nichole Scott, 8)
  • New writing studio empowers students (by Nichole Scott, 8)
  • Union College gains students and recognition (by Scott Cushman, 9)
  • In memory of Mozart (by Becky Dewey, 9)
  • Student shapes up to help others find fitness (by Carolyn Scott, 14)
  • Union employee celebrates 50 years of marathons (by Michael D. Steingas, 15)
  • Union graduate takes away students' chairs (by Carolyn Scott, 24)


  • Focus on fiber (by Dr. Franklin House '58 with David Skau, 16-17)
  • Journey toward wellness: a lifetime of medical missionary evangelism (by Lauren Bongard Schwarz '04, 18-21)
  • Never too stressed to exercise (by Sharon McDowell-Larsen '84, 22-24)

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  • Class-ifieds (25-27)
  • People Placements (27)
  • In Memory (27-30)