Union College appears in Time Warner Cable ad

Live streaming video of college events had been a wish of many Union parents, alumni and employees for a long time. However, due to the expense of the necessary Internet bandwidth, it wasn't until last spring that Tom Becker, director of Information Systems, was able to find a solution. 

Working with the local Time Warner Cable office in Lincoln, Becker was able to negotiate a new contract that quadrupled the connection speed on campus. The results of their collaboration can be seen at uclive.ucollege.edu, which provides streaming video of select athletic, social, and artistic events.  

“It got started because a lot of parents and grandparents of students like to see what their children and friends are doing,” said Becker. “But we had limited bandwidth to our campus, not enough to stream video.” 

Becker asked the local Time Warner Cable office for some additional bandwidth for a few days during the Mid-America Union Basketball Tournament last spring so that he could try broadcasting the games on the Internet.

“The Time Warner reps watched our feed that first night and were very impressed,” said Becker. “They offered to negotiate with the corporate headquarters to give us more bandwidth at a price we could afford.”

After coming up with a deal that gave Union College a 100 megabit connection for a comparatively low price, the local office recommended the school be one of the case studies used in a nation-wide advertising campaign.

Featuring Becker, the ad was filmed in June on Union's campus, and is now airing in Time Warner Cable markets across the United States. 

Union has received permission from Time Warner Cable to show the advertisement on the college Web site. Click play below to watch the video (Flash required).