Jan 8: No snow closing, regular schedule continues

Classes will be held today, Jan. 8, 2010. While the schedule continues as normal, administrators will be understanding if those who live at a distance choose not to brave the roads. Please use good judgement in deciding whether or not to come to class. Your safety is most important. 

Students and employees are encouraged to dress warmly, donning layers, hats and gloves. Students without appropriate cold-weather attire are encouraged to contact Dr. Linda Becker in Student Services for assistance. Hot drinks will also be served all day in the Student Services office. 

Any faculty unable to get to the college should call Dr. Russell's office (402.486.2501). Staff stuck off campus should contact their supervisor. 

Please continue checking e-mail, the snow closing line (486-2551) and Web site (www.ucollege.edu) throughout the day for any updates or possible weather closings.