On- and off-campus employment

 Need help finding on- and off-campus jobs? Your search starts here.

Off-Campus Employment

Union's capital city location means off-campus jobs and internships are within 10 minutes of campus. For options with a little more convenience, read about on-campus employment below.

On-Campus Employment

A variety of on-campus employment opportunities exist, whether your strengths are managing office tasks, recruiting students, or tutoring your peers. Complete the student employment application to apply for on-campus jobs, then contact departments directly to determine the status of job openings.

Still deciding if campus employment is for you? Consider some of the benefits:

  • Travel expense savings. The savings from cost of gasoline could equate to $.25 to $.50 an hour. That doesn't include the savings in parking fees if you work downtown and vehicle maintence.
  • Social Security tax savings. A student working on campus, by law, may be exempt from Social Security taxes. This savings equates to $.41 per hour based on a $7.00/hour job.
  • Time savings. Assuming it takes 30 minutes to travel to and from work, you could save $.88 per hour, based on a 4-hour work schedule.
  • Flexibility. Many on-campus jobs provide more flexibility to manage your work schedule, including working more or less during breaks and working around your class schedule.
  • Cash withdrawals. Your education has to be paid somehow, so you're strongly encouraged to apply work earnings to your student account, but it is possible to obtain all or a portion of your earnings if you have arranged a satisfactory financial plan.
  • Competitive pay. Student pay for campus jobs begins at $7.25/hour.

If you plan to be employed on campus for the first time, you will need to complete the I-9 and W-2 forms. Complete the forms in the accounting office on the 5th floor of the Dick Building on or before registration day. Bring two identification documents with you for the I-9; acceptable forms of ID include driver's license, birth certificate, social security card and passport.

All campus employees have the opportunity to receive monthly earnings through direct deposit. Bring your checking or savings account number and the bank routing number to sign up for direct deposit, and your money will go straight into your bank account no matter where in the U.S. your bank is located.