Choosing your program: Division of Human Development

The education program at Union College offers diverse classroom experiences, making graduates "classroom ready" and sought after by schools all over North America. Student teaching and observation hours are fulfilled in a variety of setting including Adventist and public classrooms, and in single- and multi-grade settings like the two-room elementary lab school, located on Union's campus. The Education Club provides an opportunity for leadership and responsiblity in a fun atmosphere where students make friends with others of the same major.  This last fall, they helped assist in hosting Greg Mortensen, author of "Three Cups of Tea."

The community is a classroom for Union's social work students as they complete substantial field internships in different areas of social work practice. A highlight of the 08-09 school year for the social work program was the sponsoring of a community luminary event to educate people about domestic violence and support the Friendship Home, a local shelter for battered women and their children. Over 2,000 candles were lit and spread across the front of Union's campus, each representing a life lost to domestic violence. Last fall, senior social work stduents and faculty attended the annual conference for the Nebraska chapter of the National Association of Social Workers in "Legislative Day" at the Capital. Students learn lobbying techniques and how to advocate with senators regarding important social issues. Social work students have a wealth of opportunities for learning with the city of Lincoln being the center for state and county government and one of the country's largest refugee resettlement areas wtih 52 languages spoken in the city and county.

An internship elective is an option in the psychology program for the 2010-2011 school year, to be taught by Melanie Gabbert, internship professor/supervisor for the upcoming year. There are many benefits to doing an internship in psychology: it gives students firsthand exposure to the environments in which they hope to work in the future, helps with resume building and provides valuable experiences that help with the graduate school application process. Internships also help with networking and provide a way for students to connect with the Lincoln community.