ACT: test information for new students

 Your ACT scores are needed to determine:
1. Your acceptance to Union College;
2. The English and math classes for which you may register; and
3. Your merit scholarship award amount.

Act quickly if you still need to take (or retake) the ACT for acceptance to Union, for placement in higher level math and/or English class(es), or for better scholarship award amounts.

Choose from the following testing options:
1. To schedule at Union, contact Teresa Edgerton at 402.486.2067 or teedgert [at] ucollege [dot] edu. (See "Taking the ACT at Union" below.)
2. To schedule with testing accommodations for professionally diagnosed disabilities, contact Union's Teaching and Learning Center at 402.486.2506.
3. To schedule at another location, go to Search for test centers in your area to see if Sunday testing is available.

If you have already taken the ACT but have not sent your scores to Union, then mail your request as soon as possible to:
ACT Records
P.O. Box 451
Iowa City, IA  52243

What to Bring

Bring the following items:

  • A permitted calculator with charged batteries (calculators not permitted are TI-89, TI-92, Casio fx 2.0, and all CFX-9970G)
  • Two non-mechanical #2 pencils
  • Driver's license for identification purposes
  • $35.00 in the exact cash amount or a check payable to Union College Career Center


Contact Teresa Edgerton at 402.486.2067 or teedgert [at] ucollege [dot] edu.