Union College Library Joins the Nebraska Memories Project

Union College Library recently became the thirtieth participant to join the Nebraska Memories project of the Nebraska Library Commission.  This collaborative initiative encourages organizations holding historical photographic material related to Nebraska to contribute scanned images to the project.  The original organizations retain ownership of the documents and digital files.  Funded by the State of Nebraska, the Nebraska Memories database serves as a discovery tool and access point for finding and viewing images online.  All of the images date prior to the early 1970s.  The online images are low resolution, adquate for viewing but not for printing.  Researchers need to contact the owning institutions for permission to copy and to obtain higher resolution files.

To date, the Union College presence in Nebraska Memories consists of thirteen photographs from the Heritage Room collection.  There are plans to add a few more photographs this fall.  A grant application was recently submitted to the National Endowment for the Humanities requesting funding for a large-scale digitization project in which the library plans to scan and add a siginifcant portion of the photograph collection to Nebraska Memories.