Confused GPS lands new student at Union

Kayla Unsell's GPS led her right to Union College. Schedule your own free visit.

Some students choose a college based on location, while for others it may be academic strength, spiritual life or friends. These all may have weighed into her decision to attend Union College, but Kayla Unsell, freshmen pre-med major, needed a nudge in the right direction from a confused GPS reciever.

When she graduated from Ozark Adventist Academy, Unsell faced the looming decision of where to attend college. “My choice was between Southern Adventist University and Union,” she said. “My sister had gone to Southern and loved it and students from Ozark typically go there. It was assumed I would, too.”

As Unsell prepared for the trip to Tennessee, she “didn’t felt at peace or completely comfortable with the choice.” With both her parents’ cars packed full, the family turned to their GPS receivers to direct their trip east from their home in Edmund, Oklahoma. But they could not input Southern’s address into her mother’s GPS, so they settled for an address near the university instead. Moving to her father’s car, they successfully entered the school’s address and began their journey with her father in the lead.

“While we drove, my mom mentioned that while sorting through some files she discovered a scholarship Union College had offered me,” Unsell said. “That ignited the undecided part of me that still questioned if I was making the right decision. I had always heard that Union was the friendliest Adventist school, so why wasn’t I going there? Who wouldn’t want to?”

After more than two hours on the road, the two GPS units seemed to share her confusion. “My dad’s GPS was taking us one way, and my mom’s in another,” Unsell explained. “My mom and I continued to follow my dad for awhile, until it was obvious we were not headed toward Tennessee.”

The family pulled over at a nearby fast food restaurant. “I told my parents how I had been battling with my choice of colleges, so we prayed,” Unsell said. “Once we said ‘amen,’ I knew I needed to be at Union.” A quick call to Union confirmed she would still be accepted. “When Union said yes, we headed to Nebraska.” This time, the Unsells had no problem entering the address into either GPS unit. “They both led us right here,” she smiled.

Now enrolled in the biology program and settling into college life, Unsell has discovered what she had heard about Union’s friendliness to be true. “When I first arrived on campus, two girls offered to help me just because they wanted to,” she said. “Everyone here always smiles and says ‘hi’ when you pass them down a hall or sidewalk. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”