Congratulations 2010/2011 class officers

Following a rousing rendition of "Slinga de Ink" at convocation on Sept. 21, 2010, classes met to choose new student leaders for this school year. A far cry from the earnest politicking of ASB elections in the spring, class elections are informal affairs. Nominations are made on the spot, and votes are cast by raised hands. As happy as the winners are to be chosen, the unsuccessful candidates often return to their seats with a smile, knowing they have one less thing to worry about.  

These officers will have their first chance to lead their classes during Almost Anything Goes on Oct. 9, when this year's senior class defend their three-year winning streak. In addition to organizing students for inter-class competitions, class officers take on additional significance during the junior and senior years as they raise funds for class gifts and assist with graduation and Senior Recognition. 


  • President: Topher Thompson
  • Vice President: Jazmine Martin
  • Secretary: Lauren Keller
  • Treasurer: Amy Baragona
  • Pastor: John Mejia
  • Parliamentarian: Taylor Olson. 
  • Sponsors: Jim McClelland, Rich Carlson


  • President: Chelsea Mastrapa
  • Vice President: Jenny Leslie
  • Secretary: Andrew Sanders
  • Treasurer: Tommy Kennedy
  • Pastor: Erome Hankore
  • Parliamentarian: Jamison Howard
  • Sponsors: Stan Hardt, Richard Young


  • President: Mikey Archibeque
  • Vice President: Sam Adams
  • Secretary: Azriel Peckham
  • Treasurer: Jordan Breyer
  • Pastor: Tabby Shumacher
  • Parliamentarian: Micheal Sweigart
  • Sponsors: To be announced


  • President: Natalia Lima
  • Vice President: Nadine Rios Rivas
  • Secretary: Rachel Blake 
  • Treasurer: Solomon Abisi
  • Pastor: Rayshawn Williams
  • Parliamentarian: Thomas Birai
  • Sponsors: Kathy Bollinger, to be announced