Learn a New Language with Tell Me More

The library is excited to announce the avaibility of a new online resource.  Tell Me More from Auralog is a language learning program designed to get students started with learning a language, provide a refresher for those who have already received training in a second language, or to complement a language learning course that is in progress.

Tell Me More language lessons come in four levels, each with a wide variety of learning activities which teach students to read, write, and speak the language being learned.  Additional resources help improve vocabulary, grammar, and pronounciation.   Preferences can be set which provide instructions in the student's first language while the lesson activties are in the language being learned.

Currently Tell Me More offers Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and English (for ESL students).  Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese will soon be available.

To access Tell Me More, visit the library's Foreign Language subject guide or the Online Resources page.  Tell Me More is currently open access so students may use it both on and off campus.  Students are required to set up a free user account the first time they log in.  This account saves the user's preferences, scores, and progress in the language program.  Faculty and staff may also use Tell Me More