The Changing Face of the Library Catalog

If you have searched the library catalog recently, you are already aware that it looks different than it used to. On November 23 the old iLink Web interface was replaced with the new e-Library. Both programs are owned by SirsiDynix and e-Library completely replaces iLink. While e-Library has rearranged the screen layout, all of the features are very similar to iLink. One of the few changes in features improves access to NetLibrary ebooks by including access links in the results list. The links are also still available in the full catalog record.

The upgrade from iLink to e-Library is the first step toward bigger changes coming to the library catalog in January. Sometime in early January, the library will be implementing a search and discovery service called Enterprise, also a product of SirsiDynix.  Rather than replacing e-Library, Enterprise will serve as an alternative interface for searching the Library Catalog.  Enterprise includes more interactive tools such as user-generated tags and reviews, and more targeted subject browsing. Through Enterprise searchers can also share their favorite finds via social media channels. Traditional catalog searching will still be available through the e-Library interface.

Simultaneously with the library catalog upgrade, all Union College NetLibrary links in the catalog have been updated to run through Linus, the library's proxy server system. This means that users may now login to ebooks from off campus directly from the catalog using their UC ID (for students) or Marcie login (for employees).