“Zacchaeus” to speak for Feb. 18 vespers service

Actor Mac McConnell will present “Forever Changed,” a first person narrative on the life as Zacchaeus, for vespers on Feb. 18.  (Photo courtesy www.way.org.)

Sometimes it’s hard to put Bible stories in perspective or see an application for daily life. But on February 18, actor Mac McConnell will breath new life into the story of Zacchaeus through a first person dramatic presentation he calls “Forever Changed.”

Asking the question, “what would make a crusty tax collector go out on a limb to meet the latest in a long line of would be messiahs,” McConnell uses humor and audience engagement to present evidence of a life changed by an experience with Jesus.

Through his ministry, One Way Drama, McConnell travels the country performing Biblical skits using first-person narrative. His character portrayals are tailored to motivate and enlighten audiences, ranging from youth camps to prison ministries.

At age 66, the Florida native began his acting career relatively late in life. His first exposure was as a narrator for the Emmy Award-winning Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant, which inspired him to pursue acting and script writing as a ministry. His performances revolutionized the way he read The Bible. “To write scripts from a first-person characterization, it was necessary to read the Bible from a first-person perspective,” he explained. “It was then that I experienced everything I read.”

“I think it’s healthy for Christians to visualize and personalize scripture,” said Rich Carlson, Union’s vice president for spiritual life. After touring Israel and walking where Mary and Joseph walked, Carlson can relate to McConnell’s desire to experience the Bible. “It’s about understanding the realness of God’s Word,” he said.

McConnell has authored a series of books based on his dramatic presentations. Find out more about ministry at www.way.org.

McConnell will present “Forever Changed” for vespers on February 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the College View Seventh-day Adventist Church on the campus of Union College.