Free life coaching: A student perspective

When I discovered that Union College’s Teaching Learning Center (TLC) planned to start offering free academic and life coaching sessions, my squeal of glee prompted stares from my coworkers. I had to fight the urge to jump out of my chair, race to the TLC office and schedule my first appointment.

Months ago I visited the TLC, Union’s help center for students dealing with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and academic apathy. I planned to interview Debbie Forshee-Sweeney and Elizabeth Anderson about their new life coaching certification, but I came out with more then a notebook full of notes. They had given me an unexpected and newfound motivation for my schoolwork (original story).

Students often don’t take advantage of coaching services because of the additional cost, but now all Union students can receive three free academic or life coaching sessions. Not only are TLC’s coaches attentive and intuitive, but according to available research, Union has the only on-campus academic coaches in the nation who are also certified life coaches. Many colleges hire outside companies to do life coaching on their campuses, but the TLC coaches have a thorough understanding of a student’s typical day, how the school works and common academic expectations and struggles.

Why coaching?

But what does a coach really do? Unlike a counselor, they help you sort out information you already know. Rarely focusing on the why behind a problem, instead they concentrate on asking questions that will lead to solutions, motivation and action steps.

How can a coach help you?

  • Help balance your schedule
  • Motivate you to keep up with class assignments
  • Ease how overwhelmed you feel because of school
  • Help you raise your grades
  • Discover the reason for your academic apathy
  • Lead you in a more dynamic direction

To make an appointment, call the TLC at 486.2506 or stop by the office in the student center. It could change your life, and GPA.