2011-2012 ASB officers elected

The votes are in, and next year's Associated Student Body executive officers have been chosen:

President Alex Adams
Executive Vice President    Geoffrey Doctoroff      
Social Vice President Caleb Colon-Rivera
Financial Vice President Andrew Morgan

Elections are held the spring before the new student government takes office to allow for time for the new officers to plan and get organized for the next year while being mentored by the current student leaders. Only the executive officers are elected, publication editors and other officers are subsequently chosen by the elected officers. 

This year's election marks the second time a student has won the election campainging from a foreign country. Geoffrey Doctoroff, currently volunteering as a language teacher in Moscow, Russia, created a video for his speech and relied on friends to help him campaign, matching the achievement of Marsha Bartulec in 2002, who campaigned for social vice president while serving in the Czech Republic. Students who have successfully completed the Introduction to Overseas Service class are enrolled at Union for six hours of credit per semester while volunteering in an approved international service position, and therefore meet the minimum requirements to run for office.