Division of Science and Mathematics Graduating Students of May 2011

Biology Majors 


Leslie Bruff, who is from Munising, Michigan, is currently planning on taking a year to work in the medical field in order to gain experience. After gaining this experience, she will be applying to Physician's Assistant schools. She is going to live in Hagerstown, Maryland, and plans on taking CNA or phlebotomy classes. Then she is going to find a job at a local hospital. Her goal is to get accepted into the Union College Physicians Assistant program for 2012. Upon graduation, Leslie received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology with a Pre-PA emphasis and a Minor in Chemistry.




Benjamin Korf, of Wichita, Kansas, plans to apply for Physicians Assistant School here at Union College next year. Ben wants to work at one of the hospitals doing phlebotomy this coming summer and during the school year as well. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.






Jazmine Martin, who is from Bellevue, Idaho, plans to attend her first year of Naturopathic School at Bastyr University in the fall of 2011. She plans to live in Seattle, Washington, where she will be attending school. Jazmine will be graduated with a Bachelor in Arts in Biology.






Anibal Santeliz, who is from Venezuela, Italy, plans to continue his master’s degree. He would like to live and work wherever his studies lead him, but he believes that location will probably be Omaha. He plans on attending graduate school in Omaha next semester. Anibal is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.






Michael Wombold, of Colville, Washington, is planning to stay at Union College and complete a second major. He is not sure where he will be living or working once he has finished his second major. Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.






Miriam Yonazi, is from Tunis, Tunisia, on the continent of Africa. She plans to attend graduate school at Loma Linda University in the fall of 2011. She would like to get her Masters degree in Public Health with a dual emphasis on Global Health and Maternal and Child Health. She plans on living in the Northern part of Africa (Tunisia), Italy, or France. Ultimately, she would like to work for ADRA or WHO. Miriam graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.





Chemistry Major


Kenny Mapp, who is from Melbourne, Florida, has been accepted and is going to Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy. He will be living in Loma Linda, California. Kenny graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry with an emphasis in Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.







Mathematics Majors


Tori Hudgens, who is from Jessup, Maryland, is not sure where the next few years will take her. She wants to teach in either an Adventist Academy or in Lincoln Public Schools. She is very flexible and says she will be happy wherever she ends up living. In the next few years, she wants to start her master’s in Math. Tori graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education.





Emily Lorenz, who is from Johnstown, Colorado, has not yet decided what she will be doing next year. She plans to stay here in Lincoln, Nebraska, but is unsure of where she will be working. She is also choosing whether or not to go to graduate school. Emily graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Math Education.






Dan Martinez, of from Davenport, Iowa, plans to go back home and visit with his family. From there, he will apply for a teaching position where he can help make a difference. He is currently making plans to attend graduate school, but would first like to gain some teaching experience. He will live and work wherever God leads him, but he hopes that God will guide him back home to Davenport. Dan graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Math Education and a minor in Religion.





Derek Timms, who is from Claremore, Oklahoma, is unsure of what he will be doing for the next few months, but is open to going wherever God leads him. God has taken him to Norway and Ethiopia before, so he knows God is able to guide him again. He would like to work at one of our Seventh-day Adventist academies. He does not plan on attending graduate school at this time, although things may change in the future. Derek is graduating with two majors, a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Math Education, and a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Religion Education.