EBSCOhost Introduces Mobile App for Database Searching

EBSCOhost recently released a mobile app for searching the company's databases on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.  A mobile app for Android will be available soon.

EBSCOhost created a mobile website for searching popular databases like Academic Search Premier last year.  This website requires users to connect to EBSCOhost through the Union College network which means that when students or staff are away from campus they must log on to the library's proxy server, Linus.  The new app removes this step, making remote access more convenient.

To implement the EBSCOhost app, visit iTunes and download the EBSCOhost app for free.  Then activate the app by visiting EBSCOhost (multiple databases).  Scroll to the bottom of the EBSCOhost screen and click on "EBSCOhost iPhone/iPod Touch Application."  Users will be prompted to enter an email address.  Enter an address which can be accessed with the device being set up for the EBSCOhost app. EBSCOhost will email an activation link which users click in order to activate the EBSCOhost app.

EBSCOhost's mobile website will continue to be available for those not using Apple devices.