Sue Krueger: a profile in giving

Photo of Calvin and Sue Krueger with Ramona and Jerome Lang at the campaign announcement.
Calvin and Sue Krueger pose with Ramona and Jerome Lang at the campaign announcement.

“You have to be willing to take big risks to be a developer,” says Sue Krueger. “But you also have to be careful and take those risks wisely.” Cal (’55) and Sue McArthur (’54) Krueger know about the risks and rewards inherent in land development. For many years, the Kruegers have developed projects across south Lincoln, contributing significantly to this thriving and growing part of the city. From the Trade Center on Old Cheney Road to South Ridge Village on Pine Lake Road near South Pointe Pavilion to the neighborhood in which they have lived for 36 years, the Kruegers have a talent for seeing the future and knowing where people will want to work, shop and live in the future. Their risks have paid off to the benefit of the Lincoln community. Their ability to see where need and opportunity exist also makes them dedicated philanthropists.

Over the years, they’ve helped build schools and churches in conjunction with Maranatha. Christian education is also a passion. “I’m not a ‘things’ person. I don’t need much,” says Sue. “Things are just things. They don’t mean anything in the end. I would rather give back and help keep a kid in school.” Both Cal and Sue have a long history with Union College. Most of their siblings, all of their children, and several of their grandchildren attended or graduated from Union.

When approached about a gift for the Our Promising Future campaign in support of a new Science and Mathematics facility, Sue says she knew this was a crucial project for the future of Union College. “They’ve needed a new science building since I was a student there, and that was 57 years ago! So I knew it was one of the college’s biggest needs.” The Kruegers have generously made a seven figure commitment to the campaign. “I figure we’ve had lots of blessings,” Sue shares. “A lot of things have happened to us that are just plain blessings. It’s a privilege to be able to give back. I was pretty young when I realized I’d rather be a giver than a taker. That wasn’t hard to figure out.”