Getting Acquainted with Dr. Kenneth Osborn

Dr. Kenneth Osborn grew up on a farm near St. Joseph, Missouri. He attended and graduated from Missouri Western State University. Then he went on to get his Ph.D. in biophysical chemistry from the University of Kansas. Osborn has been married to his wonderful wife, Kim, for nearly eight years now.

Osborn's love of service isn't limited to his teaching career. He also volunteers with Habitat for Humanity. “I just finished serving for two years as the president of my local Habitat affiliate and have been active with Habitat for over a decade,” Osborn said.

He really enjoys photography. “Through photography I can serve others (capturing memories at a wedding or baptism) or preserving the beauty of God's creation that surrounds us everyday,” Osborn said.

Union College is not Osborn's first teaching job. He first taught full-time at Fort Scott Community College, where he worked for the past seven years. "It was a nice school with a family atmosphere among the faculty and staff--very similar to what I feel at Union,” he said.

New to Union this year, Osborn appreciates the freedom he's found here to express his faith and love for God openly with students everyday. “I was always willing to talk with students outside of class about my faith and their own faith journeys," Osborn said. "But at Union, I am free to incorporate into my lectures how truly marvelous the works of God's hands are.”