Student plans to raise voice and money

Stacy Ramos will raise money during a concert at 7:00 p.m. on Dec. 8 so she can continue her education at Union College.

She loves Union College. She loves her new friends. But Stacy Ramos, a first-year nursing major, is afraid she won’t be able to return to Union next semester. It’s not the classes, homework or people. It's a matter of money.

Short of the funds needed to pay her tuition and expenses for next semester, Ramos plans to hold a “Save a Freshman” concert at 7:00 p.m. on Dec. 8 in Woods Auditorium to raise the money.

Though far away from her family in Washington, Ramos has quickly felt at home at Union. She became a part of the close-knit community and couldn’t wait to get active.

“I like to get involved and connect with people,” said Ramos. “I went to community college for awhile and it was very impersonal. With 2000 students, it’s hard to connect.”

The appeal of community combined with Union’s esteemed nursing program and musical opportunities persuaded Ramos to transfer, and she hasn’t regretted it. She is getting the individualized education she needed and the countless musical opportunities she craved at chapels, vespers and other events.

Now, unless she can come up with enough money, her time at her dream school might be short lived. Like nearly all Union students, Ramos receives scholarships from the college to assist with the cost of a private education. But even with scholarships made possible by Union’s alumni and other donors, she is still short of funds for next semester. 

“My advisor suggested I put on a concert,” said Ramos. “At first I said 'no,' but the idea grew on me.” Many of her new-found friends will help put on a program which will include music, skits, a silent auction and baked goods. Admission is free.

“I love it here,” said Ramos. “I can’t see myself being anywhere else. This is my home away from home.”

You can help Ramos or other students by giving through the Rock Pile Alumni Community. To specify helping Ramos, please type in her name under ‘gift designation.’ Under US law, gifts given for a specific student are not tax deductible. To make a tax deductible gift to support scholarships for all Union College students, simply select ‘Student Scholarship Fund’ from the drop down box.