Road construction prepares for science building

Work steadily progressed on the north side of campus over Christmas break as Union prepares to build the new science and mathematics complex this spring, and some road closures may affect access to campus as classes begin on Monday.

The intersection at 49th and Bancroft across from Rees Hall is currently closed. Union College recently purchased the section of street between 49th and Bancroft and 51st and Calvert. The intersection has been closed to create a new "private" entrance to the college as required by the city of Lincoln, even though the street will still go through and be open to the public.

According to Don Murray, director of Plant Services, the intersection should reopen on Monday, January 9, and the intersection at 51st and Calvert will be closed next week for a similar treatment.

The new street parking on Bancroft behind Engel Hall and Rees Hall is now open for use, but the new parking lot on the northeast corner of 49th and Bancroft will not be open for at least another two weeks. These new parking will make up for lost parking spaces when construction on the new complex begins this spring.