Support Union during Give to Lincoln Day

Give to Lincoln Day has begun! Union College is participating in this special, one-day push to support non-profit organizations in our community. This is the perfect time to make a gift online.

There is a slightly competitive aspect to this event, and not just because we want our community to know how amazing Union's alumni and friends are. A $200,000 challenge fund will be divided based on the number of donors who participate on behalf of each organization. That means your gift will grow—simply by participating.

All donations from this event will go to the Union College Fund unless designated otherwise. That fund is Union's lifeblood, supporting financial aid, the student work program, academic equipment and much more. It is an energizing force for our campus and our students. Today's gifts will help us meet our goal before closing out this fiscal year, ensuring a solid foundation to start the next school year.

Thank you all for your support, today and always. We're grateful for the many forms that support takes. We hope you take this opportunity to continue that tradition.