Warriors basketball home opener Saturday night, Nov. 3

Warriors fans, the basketball season is finally here. After two away games, the men’s and women’s teams will host their home opener against Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture this Saturday night, November 3, at the Thunderdome.

The season officially started Monday for both the men and women at Central Christian College. The women played a close game and forced an overtime period, but ultimately came up short, 63-68. The men had a tougher time and lost 67-97.

On Thursday, both teams traveled to Kansas to play Manhattan Christian College, where the women fell 49-75 and the men 70-85.

 “It was a good learning experience for us as a team,” said men’s captain Teddy Griffin. “We are purposely playing tough teams to see what we need to improve on and how we play together as a team.”

The Warriors home open on Saturday night will begin with the women’s game at 7:00 p.m. and followed by the men’s game at 9:00 p.m. You can also watch the games live at uclive.ucollege.edu.

Union College Warrior Basketball 2012

Greg Steiner coaches for the women’s basketball team assisted by former Warrior Brianna Jenks. The men’s team is coached by Ron Dodds assisted by former Warrior Dan Carlson

Women’s team

Greg Steiner
Brianna Jenks

Lindsey Parsons, freshman from Marion, Iowa
Kacie Cardwell, senior from Seymour, Mo.
Jamie Stanley, senior from Brainerd, Minn.
Mattison Jenks, freshman from Lincoln, Neb.
Katie Morrison, freshman from Hutchinson, Minn.
Allison Shipman, freshman from Waverly, Neb.
Amanda Goss, sophomore from Agusta, Wis.
Cayla Reid, sophomore from Lincoln, Neb,
Brittney Needles, sophomore from Lincoln, Neb.

Men’s team

Ron Dodds
Dan Carlson

Alex Acton, senior from Loveland, Colo.
Sam Adams, senior from Shawnee, Kan.
Leif Ellstrom, junior from Hutchinson, Minn.
Chavez Morris, senior from Minnetonka, Minn. (Team Captain)
Jonathan Kemper, senior from Killeen, Tex.
Ben Vasconcellos, senior from Brookeville, Md. (Team Captain)
Teddy Griffin, senior from Silver Spring, Md. (Team Captain)
Seth Gaskin, junior from Lincoln, Neb.
Zach Posthumus, sophomore from Galesburg, Mich.
Cody Cowin, freshman from Topeka, Kan.
Kyle Carlson, freshman from Littleton, Colo.