"Our Promising Future" campaign tops $13 million

Union College’s new science and mathematics complex is nearing reality—both physically and financially. Already the framework for the new 58,000-square-foot building towers over what used to be parking lots between Rees Hall and Larson Lifestyle Center on the north side of the campus, and the complex is well on its way to completion at the end of the calendar year.

“The new facility is more than steel and brick,” said John Wagner, president of Union College. “This building sets the tone for the future of education at Union College. It will facilitate our professors’ ability to continue to provide the highest level of education for our students and equip them to be leaders in their communities.”

Because almost 60 percent of Union’s student body are in programs requiring a significant number of science and mathematics classes (biology, chemistry, physics, math, pre-med, pre-dental, pre-PA and Union’s two largest majors: nursing and international rescue and relief) the Union college faculty and board decided an up-to-date science complex should be the school’s top priority.

On June 16, 2011, Union College officially launched a capital campaign to support the construction of a new science and mathematics complex to replace Jorgensen Hall, home of the Division of Science and Mathematics for 66 years.

The new two-story complex will provide laboratory and learning spaces for biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, with additional labs specifically designed for student and faculty research projects. It will contain seven research labs large enough to house equipment necessary for faculty to guide students in research projects and for faculty to engage in their own research as well.

 “With more than $13 million committed for Union’s new science and mathematics complex, we have passed 90 percent of the campaign goal,” reported LuAnn Davis, vice president for advancement. “In keeping with the legacy of generosity exhibited by the college’s alumni and friends, we remain confident others will join the donors who have already stepped forward, and commit the final 10 percent of funding needed to achieve the $14.5 million goal for the Our Promising Future campaign.”

In addition to the generosity of alumni and community donors, the Union College family, including employees and board members, has joined the action. Nearly 90 percent have contributed to the campaign.

Be part of the last 10 percent of Our Promising Future. To learn more, visit www.ucollege.edu/ourpromisingfuture or call the Advancement office at 402.486.2503.