Jimmy Needham to perform Friday, Sept. 21

For Jimmy Needham, making music isn’t about entertainment. From his first album, Speak, to his most recent release, Clear the Stage, Needham’s music reflects his passion to share Christ’s love with people.

“I hope people leave with a renewed hunger for a life that reflects the character of Jesus,” he told Tracy Darlington in a TitleTrakk.com interview about his first album. But Clear the Stage gets a lot more personal. “The common thread in this project is how all the facets of my personal life keep leading me to an expanding view of Christ; marriage to my wife Kelly, our daughter’s birth, and the miscarriages we experienced before our daughter’s birth,” he explained on JimmyNeedham.com. “In all of these things, and in every way I attempt to navigate life, my only satisfaction—the only true answers—will be found in Christ.”

The twenty-seven year old Houston native graduated from Texas A&M University, where he studied history and philosophy. “I would have liked to be a teaching pastor at a church or part of some mentoring program for teens,” Needham told Alexandra Daluisio on Teen.com. While at student at A&M, he led a street ministry witnessing to fellow students in bars.

God had other plans. After recording an independent album, Needham signed his first recording contract at age 19. Four albums later, he speaks very openly about the struggles of the Christian life, including a lifelong battle against a pornography addiction and the dangers of being performer. “I am becoming convinced that the most dangerous place for the human heart is on stage,” he told Darlington. “I knew getting into music that the temptation to make things about myself rather than Christ would be great, but I didn’t quite know how great.”

When not on tour or song writing, Jimmy spends his time at home. He and his wife of six years, Kelly, just welcomed a second baby girl into their family.

Needham will visit Union College on Friday, September 21, to share his unique blend of music influenced by pop, hip-hop, soul and even folk. “I like having a pulse on where my generation is at so I can be more equipped to contextualize the gospel for them,” he commented on his website.

The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the sanctuary of the College View Seventh-day Adventist Church located at 4801 Prescott Ave. For more information about Needham, visit JimmyNeedham.com or check out his Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/jimmyneedhamonline