Name announced for new science and mathematics center

For Sue Krueger, Union College runs in the family. “It seems like we’ve had family attending there forever,” said the 1954 alumnus who now has two grandchildren enrolled. “I got my husband, Calvin, at Union. My son, Rick, found his wife, Valeree, there. She has taught nursing at Union for 35 years. My sister-in-law, Marilyn McArthur, was chair of the nursing program for many years. All my children attended. We have a long history at Union.”

Now, thanks to her lead gift to the Our Promising Future campaign, the new science and mathematics facility will be named the Krueger Center for Science and Mathematics. “We have built churches all over the world through Maranatha,” said Krueger, who has worked in the land development business in Lincoln for nearly 30 years. “But we wanted to do something for Lincoln because Lincoln has been very good to us.”

But more than that, Krueger feels this investment will be one with exponential returns. “We wanted to create a facility that could help educate more students who could in turn go out and make a difference in the world.”

“And besides,” she chuckled, “we are now into great-grandchildren. The oldest is in seventh grade, and they will be coming to Union soon.”

The $14.5 million Our Promising Future campaign helped fund the construction of the new 57,000 square-foot building that will house the Division of Science and Mathematics. The campaign will be completed in December and plans call for the building to be completed in early 2014.

Going “over the top”

In early November, the campaign had topped the $14.5 million mark by nearly $70,000. “The generosity of our donors has put the Our Promising Future campaign over the top,” said LuAnn Davis, vice president for Advancement. “The money given now will help add needed extras to the new building.”
The college plans to keep the campaign open to help pay for things like additional technology,  equipment and building aesthetics. “The extra money will help pay for equipment and technology desired by the faculty, and fund artwork, outdoor seating areas, gardens and other things to make the building really look and feel polished,” said Davis.

Naming new space

Several rooms and other areas of the building have been named for the pacesetting donors who gave $1 million or more to the building campaign.

  • The Mid-America Union Conference Classroom—one of the flexible classroom spaces in the Krueger Center—is  named in honor of the Mid-America Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Union College’s parent organization, which has also helped fund numerous campus infrastructure improvements and renovations.
  • The Lang Amphitheater, a 126 seat high-tech lecture space, is named for Jerome ’65 and Ramona Larsen (’65) Lang, longtime Lincoln business owners, whose lead gift was in addition to their support for many other Union College projects—including driving his private coach bus half-a-million miles over 46 years to transport school groups for academic and extra-curricular events.
  • The Union Bank Classroom, another flexible classroom and lecture space, will be named for the bank right across the street owned by the Dunlap family, longtime supporters of Union College who were among the first donors to the project.
  • The DeCamp Reception Commons, which includes a welcoming lobby as well as offices for the division chair, office assistant, faculty/staff lounge and workroom in the Krueger Center, is named for Cary ’85 and Pam Gilbert ’86 DeCamp, Kansas City business owners whose mid-campaign gift gave a significant boost to the campaign.

Leadership donors of $500,000 have also been instrumental to the realization of these new facilities.

  • One of the labs within the Chemistry Suite will acknowledge the support of Adventist Health System: Rocky Mountain Region and Shawnee Mission Health, the Adventist hospitals in the Denver and Kansas City areas that lent significant support to the building project.
  • A second lab within the Chemistry Suite will recognize Dr. Rene Evard, professor of chemistry from 1958 to 1971. A group of his students have contributed collectively to leave a legacy in memory of their esteemed teacher.
  • The Periodic Table in memory of Beverly Troyer Gifford will be a feature wall just outside the main doors of the Lang Amphitheater. This project provided donors an opportunity to select an element on the periodic table for commemoration. Steve Gifford ’62 offered a challenge gift of $500,000 to complete the Our Promising Future campaign and establish a memorial tribute for his late wife, Beverly (‘63), in the Krueger Center.

“Union College is deeply humbled by the transformational gifts provided by these donors,” said John Wagner, president of Union College. “We set forth an ambitious vision for the future of science and mathematics on our campus and these individuals and organizations helped us launch and complete a very successful capital campaign. I share my deepest gratitude to each and every donor who has chosen to help write this newest chapter in Union College’s 123-year history.”

Additional named spaces in the Krueger Center for Science and Mathematics

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