Design assignments on display in McClelland Art Gallery

“Displaying one’s work in an exhibit is a way by which students can develop their artistic skills and experience,” explained Julia Noyes, whose Design 1 class is scheduled to display their exhibit of 60 works of art in Union College’s McClelland Art gallery now through Nov. 30. The pieces include hanging mobiles, two-dimensional pieces—some computer generated—and three-dimensional sculptures. Each student has at least two pieces on display in the gallery.

For junior business administration major Cecilia Jaisin, the opportunity to have her work displayed could not have been more perfectly timed. Jaisin, who is pursuing a minor in graphic design, has created a few of school posters, but never had her work displayed in a gallery. “The thing about this exhibit is that your name is on the piece,” she said. After putting hours of effort into both her hanging mobile piece, name “The Hanging Flower,” and her computer generated piece, Jaisin hopes to receive both positive and negative feedback that will allow her to grow as an artist.

“There is plenty of talent in the class,” explained Noyes. “Exhibiting their pieces will help them find more meaning to their art beyond mere class assignments.” Noyes believes that by having students put up their art for themselves and others to see, their skills and ideas will be honed to their full potential. As owner of the Noyes Art Gallery in downtown Lincoln, Noyes also allows her students an opportunity to display their artwork in her gallery where they can be exposed to other communty artists as well.

The pieces will be on display from now through November 30 at the McClelland art Gallery. The exhibit at Noyes Art Gallery will be on December 9 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Both exhibits will be open and free to the public.